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I used to be skeptical of essential oils. I mean come on. Really? Rub an oil on yourself and you’re magically healed? Sniffing these will calm you down? Sounds like voodoo to me.

Like anything that I am unsure of, my initial reaction used to be, why bother as I throw up my BS flag.

But then I watched Michelle’s life change because of them. I started to hear more and more stories from people that challenged my initial view. And my experience with them was pretty pleasant.

I realized these oils are pretty symbolic of how I (we) live my life. They represent natural health solutions and offer a path to a better mindset. A mindset that is designed around the constant pursuit of living a healthy, fulfilling and epic life.

Here’s why I am on board with essential oils.

I was always a natty

Before these oils came along, I was already using natural solutions for many things in my life. From food, supplements and to skin products, and basically, anything else that had any potential to throw me off my game, I tried to avoid it.

The fact that oils come from natural living things and have been used in the old days as a natural medicinal solution interested me.

To me, these were beneficial plants with “higher power” on steroids. So basically voodoo.

Even before I met Michelle, I had been using essential oils for a while on my face. At first, this was just melaleuca (tea tree oil) diluted in water. Given my frugal nature, it was a cost-effective option that was all-natural.

It’s a simple cleanser that isn’t too harsh on my face if properly diluted. I won’t tell you that it’s a bulletproof solution and it completely cured my acne but it has and continues to help.

These oils provided me with a peace of mind that I wasn’t using the same ingredients on my face that I could find in chemical products everywhere.

Michelle’s involvement

Michelle’s started conservatively with these oils mainly for stress relief. Then she found one to put on her stomach to reduce the discomfort she was having. Both oils helped her take better control of her stress related Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This was the moment that piqued my interest.

When Michelle went full bore and brought a big kit into our home, she started experimenting with different smells. There was a lot of goofy shit happening and there have been at least 20 different combinations of smells over the past few months. Each one touted with their own unique benefits and scent.

I didn’t mind them, though. I thought they smelled good. Better than that smelly little four legged creature we kept around. I’ll take the blame for her smell. We are adventurers!

Yoshi and Me Walking

The most excellent adventures of Yosh and Kyle

Except for the time I was half asleep and she came into the bedroom and starting rubbing them on my bare feet. What in the hell, woman? She claims they would help me overcome my nauseous stomach. Creep.

Some of these oils have strange names. Others make you wonder why the f do they have that? How did they even think to pull that one out of nature?

It’s funny, the more and more these were around, I felt different. I wasn’t quite sure if they were helping but I knew for damn sure they weren’t hurting. My mind seemed to be associating a specific smell with productivity times. And when it was time to wind down for the night.

Once I became aware of this, I started to notice that I was benefiting from the oils.

Michelle has them synced up to our lives where an oil named Motivation diffuses in the morning, lavender to calm us at night. And, they gave the rooms in our house a fresh smell that wasn’t that nasty Febreze or sensi smell.

You too, Kyle?

It became most apparent to me one weekend when she was gone. I didn’t realize at first that they weren’t smoking on the typical Saturday morning they would have been. A time she always has them going when we are up early busting out work early in the morning.

I was sitting at the table doing some work, a little bit frustrated and losing focus. Then I realized, wait a minute, we have probably over 15 essential oils in our house. I mys well use em’. Huzzah! A true test!

I started sifting through these little bastard bottles thinking she has a problem and as I pondered what the hell I was doing. I found one that said “Focus” (whatever the hell that means) and started to diffuse it.

essential oils

99 problems but an oil aint’ one

That day, I wasn’t feeling skeptical.

The smell was good and it provided me with enough incentive to jump back into my work. Before I knew it, two-three hours passed without distraction. I know what you are thinking. Yeah right.

But I’m not saying that it is completely the result of diffusing the oil. I do believe that the belief in what it stands for was what made the difference.

Then I realized, damnit Michelle, I kind of like these essential oils.

Another test

Intrigued, I became more open to these “experiments.” The next weekend, Michelle was hosting an oils party at our house. A couple doTERRA representatives came over and they were showing her the ropes.

They had this little handheld device that picked up your electromagnetic pulses through something called biophotons (which is not woo-woo by the way) and it spits out which oil I should use. Mine was Clary Sage. The oil of clarity and vision.

Below is a description of what Clary Sage is good for.

“Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping a person to see their limiting belief systems. It encourages the individuals to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives. Clary Sage opens the soul to new possibilities and experiences.

The negative emotions are confusion, darkness, discouragement, and blocked creativity. All of which need to be dealt with in order to expand and accept the reality of their visions.”

Regardless of if this is completely true or not is beside the point. The lengthy description of Clary Sage did sum up a lot of my states of mind.

In other places

I started experimenting in other places too. Michelle! We could make Neosporin! What about toothpaste? Bye, bye fluoride paste that I do not trust (sorry 4 out of 5 dentists). Hand soap? Hell yes.

essential oils

Pretty much sums it up

One day I was hungover and Michelle told me to put a bunch of peppermint oil on my temples to reduce the pain. Again, why not? You think aspirin is healthy to take day in and day out?

Well, I did and it was tingly. It took my mind off of the headache and made me feel more alert and energized. I couldn’t even really think about my headache because my mind was focusing on the tingling sensation. WTF is this voodoo stuff.

Keeping this in mind, I tried the peppermint oil on my temples before a workout. Partly because I gave up coffee for lent and wanted a natural boost. Sure enough, the oil was a decent replacement for the caffeine I was drinking at 5 pm.  Way more natural and I didn’t have any lingering effects of the caffeine when I went to bed.

In fact, there are scientific studies out there showing that peppermint can improve performance.

I had a sore wrist one night and there is one oil called deep blue. It smells like Bengay to me. Pretty intense spearmint but I put that on my wrist the next morning it was significantly less irritating to me. So of course, I started experimenting.

I spent the next 2 weeks putting this stuff on my lingering sore muscles. Not all of the time but occasionally. To my surprise, it definitely helped. In addition to my understanding of what causes inflammation.

My perspective

After all of this, I began to think a little bit more about what these oils provided beyond the “bold” claims. Beyond whether science has proven these to be effective or not.

At their core, these oils stand for enhancing life. These oils represent one’s desire to achieve better wellness. They represent all natural living and a safer solution than medication to health. They are meant to help you find yourself emotionally and spiritually on your path to enlightenment.

They are not given to serve as a replacement/shortcut to poor nutrition or lack of exercise. They shouldn’t be given with the promise that these will cure disease. These oils especially shouldn’t be sold to make a quick buck. And by themselves, of course I don’t believe that they will provide “the cure.”

What if they could help people remember to choose their wellness? Or if they could remind people that nutrition and exercise are the foundation of health? What if they do have the power to serve as one tool to help reduce of disease?

“There is no perfect you but there is a you within that can overflow with happiness, vibrant health and crazy energy. You choose to be healthy when you choose life. When you are fit and healthy, everything seems possible.”

We are not talking about just oils. We are talking about the mindset, nutrition and movement. The whole picture of wellness.

Where the conversation leads

Oils can serve as an introductory piece into any health discussion. They are a catalyst for bringing attention to what everybody truly wants in life by encouraging adopting healthier habits and inspiring people to choose life.

They give people hope that there is a solution to what they are facing. Their oil choice subconsciously represents who they desire to be and what they desire to achieve most. Couple this with stacking the conditions in your favor as people continue to implement better wellness practices, the results become even more transformational.

placebo effect

Should be the answer…

Science has proven over and over again that the mind influences who we are and how we feel. simple belief in these oils may be all it takes. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? When we expect something to work, it tricks our mind/subconscious into believing it does.

“First, as the placebo effect is basically a psychosocial context effect, these data indicate that different social stimuli, such as words and rituals of the therapeutic act, may change the chemistry and circuitry of the patient’s brain.


Second, the mechanisms that are activated by placebos are the same as those activated by drugs, which suggests a cognitive/affective interference with drug action.” – Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology

We could argue all day about whether or not science has provided us with a bulletproof result from health experiments but what good would that do? Health is not something you win and if you resist moving towards the things that might even make you 10% healthier, you have already lost.

“He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything” – Thomas Carlyle Click To Tweet

In summary

If essential oils do in fact help individuals overcome anxiety, stress, or whatever else with a simple application onto the skin, of course, doctors and pharmaceutical companies will fight it tooth and nail. It is a threat to their business.

Stress reduction is a major component to overall wellness. This also happens to be what a lot of these oils provide. Screw what you might have to lose. Think instead about what you can gain.

You have nothing to gain by not believing. You have nothing to gain by not trying and practicing a natural solution.

These oils may not provide the cure. We know this. But they do serve as a conversation starter into something Michelle and I hold dear to our hearts. They provide a way for people to discover themselves and reconnect with their own wellness.

Michelle Chalkey

How can you believe that this one doesn’t have your best interest in mind?

They provide a conversation piece that helps inspire people to make changes in their wellness to live life more fully.

Essential oils represent the naturalness in our lives and provide us with a sensory experience that can adjust our desired mindset. They provide a conscious reminder of what we should strive for in our own lives.

At work, at home, on the road, and in the bedroom, they stand for something much more than a woo-woo solution to health. They represent us.

Why so skeptical?

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3 thoughts on “Damnit Michelle, I Kind of Like These Essential Oils

  • Joel

    It’s interesting that some of the longest lived cultures in the world do not rely on “Western Medicine” like Westerners do. They have a deep understanding that the world is filled with natural ways to combat just about anything that a person can encounter. Someday, the rest of us might just figure this out.

    Our minds have been programmed (through our own faults) to reach for the quick fix or the prescription drug. Unfortunately, as any commercial will tell you, these prescription drugs often come with more side effects and problems than they proclaim to cure. It is mind-blowing that we ignore or chance the side-effects to “cure” the more pressing issue. If you want to learn a little more, there are a few interesting Ted Talks on the subject. I’d check out Dan Buettner’s talk entitled “How to live to be 100+”

    • kyle barichello

      Great points, Joel. I agree with you 100 percent. We all seemingly know that we need to find the underlying problem but we are so quick to believe that medications are going to do that. The body is overly complex so I understand the resistance from some people. It is unfortunate that we live in Big Pharm’s world. Im definitely going to have to check out that TED talk.