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Choose Your Wellness is about building your overall wellness - mindset, nutrition, and movement - to unlock your full potential. My mission is to inspire others and connect people to the resources that help them implement wellness solutions that work in their lives.

This site is meant to serve anyone with a passion for health and nutrition, including those of you who are just beginning your journey. It’s for the why notters out there that want to become better in all areas of life and do not accept the norm. Wellness - Me

The major topics Choose Your Wellness explores are:

  • All-natural and whole-food nutritional approaches to wellness.
  • Finding inspiration and creating new opportunities in all areas of life.
  • A different perspective on food, exercise, and self-help.
  • Techniques and products that can lead to higher performance.

If you struggle with where to begin, you are not alone. Wellness is built up to be a sacrificial pursuit, and with over a billion websites, blogs, lists, this, that…where does one even begin? We must never accept that we are fixed human beings and that we do not have the power of choice in any situation

We all know that every action is a direct result of a choice. I believe that these choices become easier when we optimize our wellness.

As a result, we are better able to choose our Why to lead us into more fulfilling lives by simply killing it every day (SKIED)Through inspiring messages and a community that helps each other, together we can become great.

Getting Started

To get started, pick from one of the three categories; mindset, nutrition, and movement. If you like the theme, follow the article archives link at the bottom for all of the articles and resources in that category. For additional resources, the resources page link located on the top menu bar will serve as a source for finding other quality information.

I recommend starting with any of the following articles:

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SKIED for now,

Kyle Barichello

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