Skied lifestyle

If you came this far I assume you are wondering what the hell a Skied lifestyle is and what it stands for. I think it was sometime around 2012 when the phrase ‘killing it’ became popular. Even before that, I’m sure it had many different origins, but I’ve been using this term off and on in my life since then. It’s simple and fitting and can describe almost anything that is done extremely well.

Then, I thought about what it means to show up in life every day with the purpose of doing everything at the highest level. To me “killin’ it” is a fun way of acknowledging the small wins and happiness throughout my life. And to “kill it” every day sounded like a model I should strive to live by. I now had my acronym or lifestyle brand. Thus, the birth of simply kill it every day or the SKIED lifestyle.

Ultimately, the deeper meaning I want to convey with this message is that our approach to life determines our ultimate happiness. SKIED is the composition of the qualities in our lives that represent how we want to be perceived. Put simply, it’s a lifestyle based on choices–the ones we live with throughout life’s journey.

It’s about choice and knowing to follow what you believe in your heart to be true.

It’s about acting from deep moral principles and with a sense of purpose.

It’s about setting unimaginable goals and developing action strategies toward achieving them.

It’s about nailing mental health, nutrition and fitness to unlock your true potential.

It’s about applying everything you learn to your destiny.

It’s about proactively planning and living fully in each moment.

It’s about lining up problems and tasks and killing them every day.

It’s about expanding on the momentum you create from short-term wins.

It’s about deep reflection and mindfulness.

It’s about smiling at everything and everyone.

It’s about creating moments of happiness in all of your relationships.

It’s about being grateful for everything you have and to everyone.

It’s about being empathetic, energetic and engaging in everything and with everyone.

It’s about daily learning and challenging our perspectives.

It’s about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and the ones that make you better.

It’s about believing you have qualities that make you more than average.

It’s about knowing in your heart that the world is a better place with you in it.

It’s about life.

How are you going to start living a SKIED lifestyle? My path to wellness sure wasn’t easy