The Growth Mindset

Our mindset has the power to reshape our entire lives so we must be mindful of what thoughts fill our minds. Becoming more self-aware is a critical component to emotional mastery.

A growth mindset can be seen as the interpretation of life happening to you (victim) or life happening for you (conqueror).  Think about that for a few moments. How often in our lives do we blame misfortunes on external factors? Or make excuses for things we failed to achieve?

Until we start to slow down and change our perspectives, we will continue to miss our defining moments in life.


It is our choice whether we accept our current situations and commit to the daily advancement of our wellness. Growth and development are always an option. The moment we realize how a positive mindset can affect the success we have in different areas of life, the sooner we truly live!

The passion of those who know and believe they are in the pursuit of something greater help to inspire us all. And when somebody desires something bad enough, the whole universe will conspire to help them get it.

Finding ways to build a bulletproof mindset that considers everything as an opportunity and learning experience is what the SKIED mindset is about.

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