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Here is a harsh reality. Despite being physically fit, if you spend the majority of your day sitting, you are no better off than a smoker. And the small amount of exercise you do each time isn’t going to change that.

It’s referred to as something called the active sedentary lifestyle.

It is not the one workout you missed last week. Nor is it the one workout you crushed today. It is the small, active consistencies over your entire life.

Now, let’s forget about health for a minute. Think about what you really want in life? That deep burning desire. Your legacy.

I’ll bet it wasn’t weight loss and a perfect body was it?

This article is meant to challenge the way people view their own health. Whether or not you want to make a healthy change, choosing your health is what will lead you to an incredible life.

Think differently for a healthy life

We forget about the impact we have when we show up at our best selves. That joy, happiness we feel and express when we are not tired and groggy. It’s a path to boosting self-worth. The same self-worth that might be needed to become a better husband, wife, mother, father and leader in your greatest passion.

We can discuss all day about those cutesy little examples of walking more wherever you go. Like parking farther way from the grocery store/work entrance. These are great. But we all know this stuff.

Yet, no one does it.

So what is it?

It’s not a workout or suggestions that people need. It’s about inspiring people to find their why. A responsibility we should take upon ourselves as we expect our family and friends to hold us accountable.

We forget about the influence our environments have on our lives. The people in it how we spend our time day in and day out. It is easy to forget about the carryover effect being healthy has in other areas of our lives.

Or do people not even believe this?

What about the most beautiful things in life? What would you do with infinite time? What would you do with infinite energy to pursue the things that make you happy?

Even now at 26, I think about my life when I am 70. I firmly believe that age is irrelevant when you have a sound body and mind. And I want to have a sound body and mind until the die I day.

At 80 years old, I hope to be still doing what I love and sharing my gifts with the world. And so do you.

A body in motion stays in motion

Busyness is a choice. And it is directly related to energy. Think about that.

You are busy yes, but think about what you would choose to do if you had the energy to do so? Part of the reason people choose not to do something is because they are spent after a long day at work.

Their willpower is gone.

But when you stay in motion, things become less of chores because you haven’t sapped all your energy on the things that may not truly matter throughout your day.

Having insane energy is perhaps one of the biggest powers you see in all of the visionaries and influencers of the world. In order to perform at our best, we must have energy.

Sadly, people think that energy is created from motivation and willpower. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t have energy you generate it. And you generate from the foods and movement you experience throughout the day. Check out this one. #science.

You don’t need a dedicated time to move. Any small positive action will do it. Compounded over a lifetime, you become a power plant.

It’s not a time problem either

It’s making better use of that time. No one thinks that standing for even an hour more during the day would be that beneficial. No one sees the value in walking 30 minutes more each day. Nor do they care about getting a good stretch in. And few people are drinking the amount of water they need in the day.

You don’t need permission or set times to work out. In fact, if you used your time more wisely, you probably wouldn’t have to work out! JK. You have to build muscle somehow. You can’t lose all those muscles you need to function.

And the lack of muscle is part of the reason you are overweight. I digress.

An example

A study with sedentary people (ages 56 to 78 years) who added one hour of brisk walking a day indicates they did not lose undesired body fat, despite adding the hour of exercise and eating no additional food.

How could that be? Because they spent 80% of their day not doing anything and only 20% doing “exercise.”



Weekly % Daily


Sleeping 49 29% 7 29%
Working 40 24% 8 33%
Time spent elsewhere 79 47% 9 38%
Gym/Exercise 4 2% 1 4%
Total Weekly Hours 168 100 24 100

Examining chart above, we can see that in a 7-day week there are 168 hours (24/7). Studying the percentages of our daily activities, you see that gym/exercise makes up the least amount of time.

So why do people live and die by missing a workout?

While this is more than most people have time for, it still equates to roughly two percent of the total time in your week or four percent of your daily time.

We should look to capitalize on the abundance instead of the one moment.

The damn internet and mass media

It’s crowded out there and I’m pretty sure it’s the internet’s fault. Look at me. I’m yet another health blogger telling you what to do.

People are suckers for something wild. New fads from companies and people who care more about appealing to the masses than an individual person. Everyone wants to be enticed by something because it makes them feel alive. It makes them feel understood.

People will always look for some fancy bullshit solution because taking a shortcut is more attractive than committing to the small, unsexy things.

But simple actions and teeny steps toward a better self are not sexy. It doesn’t sell. Thus the reasons the wellness community is so crowded.

healthy life

Yes, please.

Of course, society is partly to blame. Few solutions include installing habitual, small action steps.  Few people are focusing on behavioral change which is a far more powerful driver of change.

The solution for some is not to preach what health choices to make and the exercises/workouts to do. The solution is to inspire people to want to understand how to make a change that works for their own lives.

To help people block out the noise in the health and fitness field and open people’s minds that help them see the beauty of the world around us and everyone in it.

The harsh reality

What you do today and consistently moving forward shapes your life 15 years into the future. But it’s too far away. Few people think about how muscle atrophy and the way your body degrades over time without movement.

It’s disturbing really because the same people who have experienced a loss of a close friend or family member to a health issue are the same ones who accept this as part of their family health history. No one is predetermined to get a disease if the right measures are put into place.

Are those around us not a good enough example? What about the 50-year-olds who complain that “getting old sucks.” It doesn’t have to.

Simply walking more can be life changing. It is a privilege so many take for granted. Click To Tweet

This is how we all should approach health instead of feeling the need to pay hundreds of dollars for CrossFit (unless you want to). It’s about moving more. That’s it.

A question

When you think about your health. Please ask yourself this question:

What further evidence do I need to see in order to change my mind and take action with my health?

Dig into that question and think deeply about it. Think about it and use it to frame every ounce of inaction. In life and in health.

There are thousands of examples of exercise and nutritional science and how it has the ability to change the lives of people. And provide the energy and focus needed to achieve pretty much anything in life.

What is causing you to resist?


As humans, our natural instinct is to doubt everything. We all have untapped sources of strength that we forget about. The belief in this is gone for some.

I feel like crying when I think about what people are missing out on. I really do.

The way I feel right now is hard to explain. Nothingness. Weightlessness and free. People are so disconnected with their bodies they think their ailments are what they have to manage.

They forget what it feels like to simply be.

Or even more important, the belief that better health is worth pursuing no matter how long it takes.

My proposal is not to look for the flash. It is to find things that are so obvious, they “can’t” be true. It is in the things that don’t make sense that has led people to reach the best things in life.

When these two are true in life and in health, we know we are on the right path. Only then, should we talk about health?

But how do we do that when one of the best ways to get there is through nutrition and movement?



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