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Over the past 5 years, I struggled with the feeling that I was not living up to my potential. I knew that I had so much to be grateful for in life, yet I felt that something was missing. This feeling often lead me to circle back to my biggest fear – being average. I realized my choices and actions weren’t aligning with my most important values and principles.

Me and Yoshi

Yoshi and me

But I always was – and still am – a happy person. My days were filled with joy and these thoughts never affected my relationships, my overall mood or my health. My nutrition was on point, I was achieving all my fitness goals and I was doing great at work. But I never felt completely in control of my thought processes. I didn’t believe that I was at my best possible self. I finally realized that I could definitely stand to improve my mindset.

I had a natural reactive state of being. My criticism led me to get mad in situations that were out of my control. I would overreact to meaningless things that were basically what we all know as first-world problems. I was always in a rush, never allowing myself the time to clear my head and collectively address these moments or find opportunities in others. I had no way to channel my gifts because I lacked vision.

My day-to-day actions were not aligning with how I viewed myself as a person. I rarely took action on great ideas, always fighting the balance of short-term payoff and the long-term commitment. As is the case for many millennials, this probably stemmed from my belief that we all should “follow our passions.”

I was always waiting for an epiphany to happen. Some kind of sign to tell me I was doing the right thing. But it was far easier for me to discourage my action because the moment wasn’t quite right. What if I invested all of my time and it didn’t turn out quite like I imagined, would it be a waste?

Finally, I made the connection that my life should not be defined by where I am at, but rather by where I am going. If I want to achieve great things, my focus for the immediate future should be on how I can better myself as a person each and every day. Only then will I be able to view each day with an opportunistic perspective.

I know now that my true happiness can be found through balancing wellness through consistent growth of three components – mindset, nutrition and movement. For me, it was the champion mindset that was missing. I wasn’t feeding my mind the right information or correcting my negative thought patterns. Little did I know that what I needed was a simple change in perspective and an intention for purposeful living to set me on a better path.

Armed with the understanding that I needed to master my mindset, in addition to my nutrition and fitness, to uncover my greatness, I began a journey that is leading me toward a more fulfilling life.

My Views on Wellness

For those who don’t know me, I am always searching for the deeper meaning in everything. I appreciate the simplest things and practice daily gratitude. One of my many passions is collaborating with people and engaging in thought-provoking conversations. I always strive to create a deeper connection in my relationships, and I think vulnerability is one of the most respectable traits someone can have.

I genuinely love learning, most of which I do by books and online resources relating to nutrition and fitness. Typically, my day begins and ends with listening or reading inspiring material from influential people. I question everything and never accept something at face value. Especially when it comes to my wellness.

I am aware that the only way to lifelong achievement is by building better daily habits. This means I need to constantly reflect on how to better optimize my time and improve each day. My habits are built around becoming my best self in my relationships, and they challenge me to grow intellectually.

Almost everything I do has a purpose. I believe that living disciplined frees us up for the many things that make us truly happy. And I set out to live each day with purpose by working toward something that brings happiness, regardless if it has an immediate pay-off or not.

The reason for all of this? To inspire the people around me to pursue and achieve their own greatness. I want be the example of how wellness can contribute to finding a greater purpose and open up endless opportunities, because I believe that my sole purpose is to help those around me. I know this because I am at my best when I feel the happiness it brings to people when they accomplish something important to them or have a moment of clarity. It is one of the most beautiful things in life.

What matters to me most is how I show up in the world in every moment. While not always successful, I strive to live presently in the moment in my relationships, work and in the things I value most. A while back, I defined my approach to life using my three E’s: Engaging, Empathetic, and Energetic. I use these constantly to reflect on my thoughts for how I am living in the present moment.

I’m motivated by the happiness I get with even the smallest moments and chasing that inexplicable feeling of existence and the high of living in the moment. These are the moments that define who I am and show me I am right where I need to be.

I made a vow to not overlook the small things and to be grateful for what I have, while never settling for what I don’t have. If I treat every moment as a learning experience, I can build on the success that leads me closer to a more fulfilling life.

The vision

Each person deserves to find something that makes them truly happy. Whether it be in their relationships, jobs or even hobbies, there is no reason not to believe that each one of us doesn’t deserve that. But it saddens me to think that we have become disconnected to who we are as people and the power our wellness can provide us. Because sometimes, happiness is right in front of our faces. And for me, a simple change in perspective was all I needed to see that.

I believe that the path to greatness happens when we choose our wellness. That is, optimizing our mindset, nutrition and movement, because each piece collectively aids in improving the mental clarity necessary for gaining better control of our lives. We are better able to put first things first as our choices become more reflective of the vision we create for ourselves. We live inspired to make a difference in the world by acknowledging that even the small wins matter.

This blog and website is my our sanctuary, a place to simply be and explore the many different avenues of wellness. It provides a place for me share research and experiences in ways that might be valuable to others.

There are tons of great, influential people who came from nothing having no prior training. The difference is that they found a way to devote their lives to the cause of bettering themselves with the sole purpose of helping others. If I can show my passion, helpfulness and positive mentality in a way that challenges people to change their perspectives, then I am truly succeeding.

I am not perfect and will not pretend to always have the answers. My commitment to you all is to be completely vulnerable, authentic and honest with myself and those around me in everything I do. I will always try to help connect people to resources that advance their own wellness. And I will put immense thought to only providing epic content that contributes to my wellness mission and your learning experience.

No matter what we do, as long as it aligns with our values, there is no right or wrong task, job or adventure. So why not experiment? Wherever this journey takes me, the important thing is to understand what it means to simply kill it every day (SKIED). And the belief that the way to the top is choosing our wellness until the day we die.

I would love to connect with everyone, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! There will always be an open invite for all to ask questions or share your own wellness journey.

For more about my mission, be sure to check out my About page. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you on our path to deeper, richer lives.

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